Wedding & Engagement Invitation Ideas

Find Wonder in Purple Weddings & Invitations

If you’re favourite colour is coincidentally purple, then you are in for a treat. More and more wedding are using this great colour for the dresses, decor and stationery. Purple is now a trend in weddings.

Purple Floral Wedding Invitations

Purple being a great colour associated with nobility and spirituality, can be used for many elements of your wedding. Dress your bridal retinue in shades of purple, or surround yourself in lilac, sweetly scented flora that will truly be beautiful on the eyes. Draw inspiration from these and make your wedding breathtakingly marvellous with purple being the theme at hand. There are some great ways of arriving at delightful purple inspired wedding invitations, which are graceful and sometimes modern. Let’s look at some instances.

Purple Floral Wedding Invitations

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Wedding centerpieces for the big day

For many couples who are making efforts planning their weddings, most of their attention has been attached to the wedding dresses, wedding invitations and things like wedding bands. Most of them never think of the wedding centerpieces until the final moments.

To make your wedding memorable and fabulous, preparing great centerpieces will really help make your wedding more adorable. Wedding centerpieces are probably one of the most effective ways to make the wedding charming and eye-catching just like the wedding invites. They differ along with the changing of the theme and the environment. And the following are some hot choices for centerpieces.

First of all, since people are more inclined to have outdoor weddings, flowers and fruits are always the first choices for the couples. For example, if you are having a garden wedding, you could add elements like flowers and the items in season. They will definitely make your wedding fresher.

Another way of having fabulous centerpieces is to use fashionable and eyeball-catching item to make the wedding more appealing. For instance, considering that you are holding a winter wedding, cute pumpkins can be used in the reception and even on the table. Hence, a simple wedding can be more charming and fascinating.

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Purple wedding invitations shine the nuptial

Wedding invitations are always considered as the first impression your wedding give to your guests since they speak a lot about the wedding and even the personal features of the couples. That really explains why so much importance is attached to the preparation of the wedding.

As to the options for the wedding invitations, there are so many specious available on the market and with an increasing number of people choose to have theme wedding, themed weddings are gradually becoming hot choices for the couples. And color-themed weddings always have its way these days.

Among all the varieties, colors are always the leading character for their shiny embellishments. They can be cute, elegant or formal depends on the varying requirements. Purple wedding invites are fabulous cards conveying the feeling of elegance and royalty. For instance, if you have been dreaming to have a prince wedding since you were young, then purple invitation cards can definitely satisfy your need or at least help to make your wedding elegant and graceful.

If you really set your mind to have purple wedding invitations, you should also be ready to accept the fact that the other parts of the wedding should at least complement the color. Purple is a symbol of being audacious and daring and with the creativity of having purple invites you will more or less have some creative parts in the design. To be honest, there are also many colors that go well with purple like white and pink.

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