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Find Wonder in Purple Weddings & Invitations

on October 15, 2012

If you’re favourite colour is coincidentally purple, then you are in for a treat. More and more wedding are using this great colour for the dresses, decor and stationery. Purple is now a trend in weddings.

Purple Floral Wedding Invitations

Purple being a great colour associated with nobility and spirituality, can be used for many elements of your wedding. Dress your bridal retinue in shades of purple, or surround yourself in lilac, sweetly scented flora that will truly be beautiful on the eyes. Draw inspiration from these and make your wedding breathtakingly marvellous with purple being the theme at hand. There are some great ways of arriving at delightful purple inspired wedding invitations, which are graceful and sometimes modern. Let’s look at some instances.

Purple Floral Wedding Invitations

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