Wedding & Engagement Invitation Ideas

How to Organize Your Wedding Invitations

Your wedding is one of the most exciting and romantic days of your life – too bad there’s so much organisation and planning to do! But with the aid of a professional wedding planner or by creating your own wedding schedule you can plan out exactly what you need to do and when.

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A year before the wedding you should start looking around at potential reception venues. You can also start thinking about the type of wedding dress you would like. After you have chosen your dress you can begin selecting accessories which best compliment you and your dress; you may want to consider looking online at sites like or as well as browsing through items in store. As soon as you have booked the venue your next job is to inform all your guests by sending out ‘Save the Date’ cards.


Ordering and mailing your invitations

It is important you order your wedding invitations about nine months ahead of the big day because this gives you time to change any mistakes or order extras. Around 6 months before the wedding you should mail out your invitations. But it is best to send them even earlier if you are having your wedding abroad.

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Designing your wedding invitations

An elegant script font is the most appropriate and probably the most popular choice for formal invitations like weddings. Make sure the font is legible and not too elaborate. The last thing you want is for your guests to struggle to read or even misread the information. In some fonts, a 6 could be mistaken for an 8.


Finishing touches

You may want to consider matching the color of your invitations to the color theme of your wedding. In addition, why not embellish the edges by adding a lovely lining to the inner envelope? Before sending off your invitations make sure you get someone else to check them for any spelling and punctuation errors.

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